Community Development

“We create places where people create memories.”

That is a vision statement we take very seriously and strive every day to find ways to enhance our residents’ experience in our neighborhoods.

Our Commitment to Quality and Execution

Whether an enclave like Barclay Place or a large master planned community such as Lockwood Glen, we invest the same design principles and effort into every community’s planning and development. Starting with the Vision and Experience Principles, these set the direction from which every subsequent decision is made from creating the overall community’s master plan to what annuals are planted in the spring. A common thread is woven through every element of the community.

Our Expectations

We expect the same commitment to quality and execution from our master builders.  We strive to create streetscapes with architectural styles that are consistent with indigenous patterns from the first half of the 20th century.  These timeless styles of design and a vernacular that fit into the historical character of the broader community and won’t be “date stamped” like many communities that fail to adhere to this discipline.

Staying Current

Finally, we constantly study our markets to make sure we are delivering the amenities in the community and features in the homes that lead current demographic trends. When taken together, a best in class neighborhood is created.  One that deserves the Pearl Street name.

Featured Community Development Projects