About the Company

Pearl Street was started in 2005 by Khris Pascarella, a development professional with 30+ years of experience creating communities throughout the southeast United States. Since the company’s beginning, Pearl Street has contributed to the planning, construction and completion of over 800 million dollars of real estate investments in the Nashville metropolitan area.

Our Focus

Our company is divided into three key groups. Our Multifamily Group oversees the sourcing of new investment opportunities and shepherds them through the visioning, underwriting, entitlement, development and lease-up process. We have both development, finance and construction expertise in house that ensures that all aspects of each community are managed to a superior level.

Our Community Development group similarly consists of industry professionals with backgrounds in finance, development, engineering and construction. Our Home Building team is an affiliated company named Mallard Homes. We started this company in 2014 with the vision to abide by historically correct architectural patterns and styles while at the same time delivering the most modern indoor technology and systems. This along with a commitment to deliver all of this with the highest quality finishes among our competitors will create a strong and lasting brand.

Get in Touch

To learn more about Pearl Street Partners or to request information on our services please contact us.